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Requirement of a vision

Often misunderstood, the road transport sector suffers from an unenviable image : noisy but essential polluter. Engaged to sustainable development, Frappa helps improve the situation every day.

Our approach is simple and uncompromising: "offer the best of our knowledge by innovating at all levels" products, quality, processes, services, with absolute respect of our environmental convictions. Every employee in the company shares this requirement, at your service and in the interest of all.

 "We are convinced that the industrial coachbuilding will be sustainable or will not. "


Julien Torre-Frappa, President

Together : the sense of involvement

Our idea of sustainable development applied to the industrial coachbuilding has brought together in the same spirit animated of a true dedication.

With Frappa, engineers, electricians, assemblers, assistants, salespeople ... are all linked by the same motivation. They are personally involved in our sustainable performance project for you to benefit of products and services to the highest quality....

Defending sustainable development is to give priority to human. "Frappa" is before all a human dimension to group whose employees represent the essence and conviviality, the guiding principle. United around common values, women and men in Frappa share the same future project. This is why the group is committed to train and develop their skills all along their careers in order to increase their level of responsibility but also their employability. The family spirit which has always been the strength of the company has been able to weld all of its trades around a shared motivation: "deliver ever more innovative products and environmentally responsible."

The means of innovation

Since 2008, the Frappa Group has been equipped with a modern industrial tool on a 70,000 m2 site, 20,000 m2 of which have been covered, The Frappa Group has given itself the means of its development policy, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The Technical Innovation Award for the industrial bodywork awarded to the Solutrans 2010 show for the Neway FT1 Silent Green refrigerated semi-trailer, the 2013 innovation prize and the Trophy "Coup de Coeur" of the 2014 Economy category (awarded By the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its partners) illustrate the effectiveness and soundness of this choice.