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Neway Silent Green : Refrigerated body under nitrogen

FRAPPA Neway presents the Silent Green : Refrigerated body multi-temperature under nitrogen whose type is certified PIEK by Cemafroid.


A performance vehicle,


Reliable over time,

Environmentally friendly.

No CO2 footprint

Delivery less than 60 decibels

A unique cooling performance


our choices and technological developments


  • Liquid nitrogen refrigeration system: Download CRYO IN Product card
  • A retractable tail lift standards PIEK
  • A fully thought bodywork to reduce vehicle noise and preserve its FRAPPA robust qualities 


  • Smooth synthetic material to cushion impacts and noise on the walls.
  • A floor ALUMINIUM antiskid and sustainable over time, especially developed and designed to reduce rolling noise.
  • An installation of baseboards, tie downs and angles in the walls to avoid any friction.
  • Molded side panels shaped and placed under vacuum to improve the rigidity of the structure.
  • A particularly silent rear closing: electric lift system, electro-pneumatic or soundproof curtain swing doors.