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Targeted offer : a range of many colours

Being an industrial bodywork specialist means offering solutions for every transport need.

The Frappa range covers all types of vehicles, from an under 3.5 ton chassis cab to a semi-trailer, and even extending to customized orders.

Our customers all have very different professions with varying and constantly evolving requirement and specificities in terms of isothermal and refrigerated transport. To make your search quicker and easier, our range associates a specific colour to each profession, that you may spot the offer which fits you best.




  • Long-haul routes
    Weight optimisation : energy saving
  • Meat
    Total seal and robustness : reinforced roof panels and walls, dedicated construction
  • Distribution
    Intensive operational use : reinforced protection and scalability
  • Ferry
    Protection and impact resistance : guaranteed anti-corrosion materials and protection of the bodyword and refrigeration motor
  • Flowers
    Optimisation of volumes : recessing of angle bars and specific flower stowing equipment
  • Silent Green
    Response to the new environmental standards : zero CO2 footprint, 1er multi-temperature semi-trailer using liquid nitrogen to be Piek Cemafroid certified.
  • Rail-Road
    Multimode transport : specific bodywork with made to measure profiles and frames